Wednesday, January 17, 2018


arms' thin stream was
string and stair toward
barking silence raise your
hair was hands' fading
nos sucked in..........................out
your numbers jerk in a cir
cle declock your air's gray
light shivers in a window
.sea of throats beach of skin
█…..the door your shirt walks in

...por la ribera de la mar, vio un batel...
- El Conde Partinuples


invade release obtain
bright garbage drain
in the edge a nail
tiny text on dirty plate
screen your fog's light lint
sandwich in the rain

surge cult

loud about in the other/piano a
comb spittss teeth h h and a
concrete soap ignites the
hopping sun's few dimes few
eggs shining in your lap your
money is ,catastrophic revery
sweaty behind a door was
dog asleep on a jetty a
head's carcinogenic olives
fall out the washing machine
)a vacuum in your lawn
mower( where's the lake in
heaven? is the tooth emergent
from an onion or worms and
brillo milk centered in your
political nozzle's sticky cl
utter ,seams undone
¡wash my fire in the frothy
shirt crumpled in a long
dark box! .shuddered with
steak in pajamas ,flannel
mimirrors and bread
:your maps compacted? past
of the eardrum plague ,tru
mped-up turds on a couch's
sequence of spectacles and
rotting bananas .opera mullida
en la poesía es ,que cacambió
el murmundo ,curve of
dust rising from your shoes

)the next exit is the exit past

With splinters from Jim Leftwich's
Window Is Root to a Bird

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

sleep shot seep
- for Nguyen Dao Claude

enter the flock shit I uh
end omectic “egg coming face”
)Jim Leftwich( o )egoecoegoecoego(
hot b urn t f light off tu tumba
tuerca trueno entimental S mi S
ombras swoll ,,,freezing rain your “p
ages made of h ands” )J.L.( was your
sleeper wrecker .sent the lock's d rip's
your mur mar mer :
sunk lips
taste wet shoes
wind in the heart )J.L.(

)your leaning fog...

fusilumínicos esperpentos
- Juan Ángel Italiano