Tuesday, April 17, 2018

guante y balazo

fragr ant t humb em pieza
lo que sabes tu insnorancia
spat tered en yr chcheek
its glittered text inturbation
no me mames so chin gón
tu entrance stung ,embestida
de mhoscas ,hablahdurías
tu lungate rifle fired and
blind .is help to eat your
bullet hand ? your ton
gue's belching labor
glove a guante pu es the
darkness spelled


inner inch floor
red cloud

-El título un dibujo de Aaron Flores

)))tune of the urine? a
mouth outside time
's beastly inch yr fin
ger's smoke ~ ~ ~ ))in
yr shoulder an ear list
ens sucks the migrainless
letters mindless as a hat sp
eaks backword in a shoe
((( )forgetting Ivan Argüelles'
immortality”( ((((( pill chain
yr slab fork des
sication raised toward
dark wet clouds were eyes
thick with waving grass if
,when speaks your sphere of
itch and crawling door ,was
blammo truck ,creeps an
burning tires ,if road were s
inks if chairs were hats if fish w
ere chains if sweat uh wind if sk
in baloney were yr might have
mute have dung apes sh
ouldered in the weeds )were
weeds the B rush to E ))nor
be soggy cheetos on the steps(( (

spork condensation
can't see floor


Friday, April 13, 2018

irrig ate

grow and sting
shiny faucet
it's yr neck's a
muddy hose