Friday, October 20, 2017

get dressed

craw led inna dirt yr
flag rent jack et xtended
I was burned of course
tonatiuh pan metztli mar
eado en | une tradition du
goût d'autrui )M. Boinvilliers( a
vacuum roars a sore thro at
was yr cloudy pool forms
the page you wiped yr
face on ¿ cómo diré ? l'homme
n'est-il que la poche fourre-tout
d'un inconnu... ? )René Char( a
hose thrashing in my sleeve ; '
, ; ; , , ! . , ' ; : .. ,
, ; ; ; ; fencing cross
the face ollin estático ,en los 6
sentidos circulares )Qu'elle
école que celle de la révolution !
- M.B.( f all inside yr shirt yr
tongue and mud submerged

hangers and meat”


stunned sleep
a fork
keep chewing


chopper news
and gore to open
better nod

outer head

in the heap your shorts de
tailed ,detained 'n frogged
uh bottled air yr half hat re
played a fork a fork your
damp shed's puzzles and
gnats retained in sleep .I
melt and lept redoubled ,tr
oubled a watered hour ,it
a stumbling was ,a last short
regurgitation in your hair

drip and freeze ,your

Tuesday, October 17, 2017