Friday, April 14, 2017

ex cavation

ever d itched in
hollow gazed a
shattered b owl

beneath a stone rat
tled house talking
earth untied the

mud you watch yr
hands en circle
dig what blood

beneath yr skin is left


name of shirt name of
name un crapulent de
fogger gristles in your
jaw what not says but
syas ton buttons gr
unting chewed ,name of
natters at the cur
tained door a name
ou nom vieux au cent
re du temps my s
tepsid deunderstanding
naming down my chin
says you ,forgets the
smoke you said ,burns
four ways


opposable thumb

toast the hand that
sleeps you was it aft
er birth or clouded
in a tree your seeping
? aims to seize was
let it go was clued
and forked a sticky
map you pulsing pul
sing ppul sinks b
ack yr shirty
owls dead and dried
,is tasting what the
fingered b read b led
out was curling in
your mouth

im plode
re gain
sor mount

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


drunk the horn or sandal
thought less gloved it
gape-like in the blin
ded mirror or fridge's
wall of cheese your
foot replies ,basic
hamster crawl one
side your head ,mum
bled nothing please a
blunt stone just be
hind my face .will
it wet ,or dry agaze
,will it shine without
the skin

will a wall w
ill a spoon w
ill a flood re


read the sky

nor does the chair mémoire a
hurtling toward a rug in fl
am mes ou nu ages qui dorment
they shimmer in their sssilence
wax discs curl around the
dribbled text enormous sand
or lawn's basalt was stleeped
beneath your spoke the eye be
neath yr era sure pill ow

words in thunder ,weeds

Deread in Ivan Argüelles'

Ars Scribendi”